Looking for a purchase or refinance loan for a multi-family property ?

C2C provides a wide variety of loan programs including permanent debt, bridge loans, hard money and construction loans for multi-family properties. C2C lends on a variety of apartment types including market rate, student housing, affordable (HAP, Section 8, LIHTC). Also, C2C will lend on single family rental property portfolios too. The C2 Commercial leading lending sector is for loans between $1M to $15M with the capability to fund larger loans up to $100 million.

C2 Commercial multi-family loans feature the following parameters:
– Loan to Value Up To 80%
– Fixed Rates Up to 30 Years
– Amortization options including Interest Only
– Flexible Pre-Payment Options 
– No replacement reserves
– Assumable Loans
– Supplemental Loans (2nd liens)
– Low loan costs
– Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
– Construction Financing
– Mezzanine Financing Available

Freddie Mac Small Balance Loans for Commercial Multifamily (5+ units)
 – $1m to $6m; Up to $7.5m in select markets  
 – 80% LTV in Top and Standard Markets
 – 75% Acquisition/70% Refinance in Smaller Markets
 – Fixed Rate: 5, 7, 10 year terms
 – Hybrid: 20 year terms with initial 5, 7, or 10 year fixed period
 – Loan Purpose: Acquisition or Refinancing (cash out available)
 – Rate Lock: 60 to 120 day rate-lock period available
 – Minimum DSCR: 1.2x in Top Markets, 1.25x in Standard Markets, 1.3x in Small Markets
 – Amortization: Up to 30 years (interest-only options also available)

Eligible Borrower
 – Up to $6 million – Individuals who are U.S. citizens; LPs: LLC; SAEs; SPEs; TICs with up to 5 unrelated members; and trusts (irrevocable trusts and revocable trusts with warm body guarantor)
 – $6 million to $7.5 million – Single Asset Entities

Borrower Requirements
 – 9 months principal and interest liquidity (before refi or after purchase). Retirement accounts not included
 – Net worth equal to the loan amount
 – Minimum 650 credit score
 – No bankruptcies, foreclosures, deed-in-lieu, or defaults for 7 year
 – At least one year multifamily or commercial real estate ownership experience

Eligible Property
– Multifamily with minimum five residential units. Commercial space is allowed up to 40% of the net rental income. Must have 90% physical occupancy over the trailing 3-month period

 – Non-recourse with standard bad boy carve-outs (carve-out waiver available with minimum 1.40x DSCR and maximum 65% LTV)
Top Markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento County, CA
Standard Markets: Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Orange, Bakersfield, Fresno County, CA

2nd TD Bank Program
– 5 to 15 years, fully amortized depending on loan size
– Loan Amounts of $350,000 to $1,000,000
– No less than 4:1 Ratio of 1st TD to 2nd
– Rate: Prime + 2.5% to 3% floating
– Max Combined LTV: 70% of appraised value as-completed
– Combined DCR 1.20x
– $1950 fee (process/uw) + 1.0pt origination
– Funds dispersed by Fund Control or Holdback

 2nd TD Private Money
– 1 to 5 year terms
– Rate: 8.99% interest only at 40% CLTV
– Up to 12.99% interest only at 65% CLTV or for difficult area / condition.
– Min. 6 months interest on 3-year loan
– Min. 12 months interest on 5-year loan
– Loan amounts under $140k: Flat fee $4,995
– Loans above $140k: $1,495 (process/uw) plus 3.5pts origination
– As we approach loan amounts closer to $1m, we can lower origination to 3.25pt or 3pt depending on %CLTV
NNN Retail
Looking for a purchase or refinance loan on a single tenant NNN property?
C2C has the leading financial sources for credit and non-credit tenant leased properties nationwide. We lend on a broad range of concepts including (CVS, Walgreen’s, Auto Zone, O Reilly’s, Chipotle, Home Depot, and Fed Ex, to name a few). C2C has many tenants “pre-approved” which allows us to accelerate the loan process. Many single tenant NNN borrowers are coming out of 1031 exchanges and we recognize transaction speed is critical. Our financing programs are designed to provide the fastest turn times possible.

C2C’s single tenant NNN loans feature the following parameters:
– LTV to 75%
– Fixed rates for up to 30 years
– Interest Only
– Flexible pre-payment penalty options
– No TILC Reserves
– Low loan closing costs
– Recourse and Non-Recourse options
– Assumable loans
Commercial Real Estate
Looking for a purchase or refinance loan on commercial real estate ?

C2C finances a wide array of commercial property types including multi-tenant retail, single tenant retail, office buildings, industrial warehouse, self-storage centers, special-use and many others nationwide. C2C has the experience in underwriting a variety of commercial property types which allows us to rapidly process loan files and fund any asset class so long as the property has solid underlying financials

C2C’s commercial real estate loans feature the following loan parameters:
– Loan to Value Up To 80%
– Fixed rates for as long as 30 years
– Amortization options including Interest Only
– Flexible pre-payment options
– No TILC reserves
– Assumable loans
– Low loan closing costs
– Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
– Mezzanine financing available
– Bridge Financing
C2C finances a wide array of hotels properties ranging from flagged and non-flagged limited service hotels to large full-service hotels. We can coordinate both conventional or SBA lending execution depending the client’s specific needs. We have the ability to provide unique funding options. C2C stands ready to customize the loan that will best meet your financing needs. 

C2C’s hospitality loans feature the following parameters:
– Loan to Value Up To 85%
– Fixed Rates for as Long As 30 Years
– Amortization options including Interest Only
– Flexible pre-payment options
– Assumable Loans
– Low loan closing costs
– Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
Owner-Occupied Conventional & SBA Loans
Looking for purchase financing or to refinance the loan on a building for your business 
Most commercial lenders are only interested in income producing properties. C2C has a strong practice in lending to owner-user clients that operate businesses out of properties they own or want to. We finance a variety of owner-user properties including office, industrial, retail, office condos, daycare, assisted living facilities, restaurants and others. C2C can arrange either conventional, SBA 7a or 504 loans depending on the best execution for the client.

C2C takes the time to work with the business owner to develop the financing structure that make the most sense for them. We recognize the financing process can be daunting for business owners. We work with you to reduce the paperwork burden and streamline the process, all while they can focus on doing what they do best, run their business! Finally, C2C stands beside you to assist you as your business needs change over time.

C2 Commercial Owner-User loans feature the following loan parameters:
– LTV to 90%
– Fixed rates for as long as 30 years
– Amortization options including Interest Only
– Flexible pre-payment options
– Assumable loans
– Low closing costs
– Recourse and Non-recourse options
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